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Our unique and exciting products together with our business model are aimed towards becoming the Filipinos’ lifestyle companion – from their morning snacks, to their coffee dates, to their barkada gimmicks, we want to be with them when life happens .

Now, becoming a Don’s Original Spanish Churros franchise partner could be just what you’re looking for.

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Make your event extra special, leave it to Don’s Original Spanish Churros.



Don’s Original Spanish Churros is not your typical food retail business. It is a lifestyle brand. Our goal is to immerse our brand into the local culture and become part of the Filipinos’ daily lives. We know that lifetime memories are formed by both important occasions and intimate events, and Don’s Original Spanish Churros aims to be part of all of these moments, big or small.

What are churros?

A churro is a fried dough pastry that is very popular in Spain, France, Latin America, America and Australia.  It is a snack that is best dipped in a melted chocolate and served with a hot chocolate or coffee.

The legend of Churros

The original Spanish churro bread was developed by Spanish nomadic shepherds over the high mountains where they came up with a cylindrical type of breadstick that they cooked easily over an open fire and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

It was only a matter of time before churros traveled to South America and other Hispanic countries, eventually making their way to North America, China, Australia and the Philippines.


Traditional Spanish Recipe

Don’s Original Spanish Churros are made from batter that is mixed with the best ingredients, then delicately fried to produce churros that are crispy on the outside yet chewy on the inside.  And like the authentic Spanish churros, every bite sinks into a soft, chewy center.

Our Churro Twist

The Spanish Churros continue to evolve with the innovation of a hollow churro, filled with all kinds of delectable fillings such  dulce de leche and fruit-based jams. You’ll find both our original and filled churros to be delightful and delicious snacks.

We will continuously innovate and release other types of Spanish Churros to give your more variety of this delicious snack.

Sharing our vision

Our company’s vision is guided by the following principles.

Product Mission

We will continuously provide only the best products using quality ingredients. We will constantly innovate and respond to the changing demands of our customers by offering new and exciting varieties of churros, dips and drinks with the help of research and development.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Customer Service

We will provide the highest quality of service in each store and ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with our service.

Customer Engagement
Customer Mission

Continuously connecting and engaging with our customer is part of our mission. We want to be with them during the important events in their lives. We will show them that we value their support by remembering their milestones - birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and other celebrations. We will connect with them through various channels, including email, mobile, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Skills Development
People Mission

Our people are our first brand ambassadors. We will invest in our people by providing the training and development necessary for them to operate our franchise to the best of their abilities.


Don’s Original Spanish Churros is the first to offer an Original Spanish churros in the Philippines. With virtually no food cart franchise dominating this category, we have an opportunity to fully capture this part of the food retail market. Our biggest competitor at the moment is ourselves – our success is measured by our belief in our vision, and how much effort we invest in our business.

• Huge potential market

• No specific retailer dominates this product category

• Customers looking for new and exciting product offerings

• Very affordable price

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